What to do on Christmas. Best 10 alternative plans.

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What to do on Christmas. That’s the main question many adventurous enthusiasts of alternative plans face every year when this special date comes around. For most traditional people Christmas is closely related to oven roasted turkeys, fruit cakes, panettones, and candy canes. Carols, neatly decorated Christmas trees and colourful sparkling lights. Family gatherings, close-to-the-chimney dinners, snowmen, woollen coats and lots of presents. But what about those bold hearted cosmopolitan men who what to run away from tradition and go on an alternative vacation? Everything is possible.

For those of you matching this description, here you have 10 amazing alternative plans you can enjoy with your family, friends or partner, so that you can have the holidays of your dreams. What to do on Christmas won’t be a problem ever again.

  1. Winter pool with outstanding sights. Who says you can’t jump right into a luxurious private pool in winter, while you admire the Swiss highlands right in front of you? The Villa Honegg Hotel, in Ennetbürgen (Switzerland) stands right on the Bürgenstock mountain, and all its suits have a private air conditioned pool on their balcony. Ask for a bottle of champgne, take with you your favourite fruit cake, and enjoy them with your partner while you swim together underneath the snow flakes. Just in case you want an outfit fitting the occasion, our Dogon model would perfectly match the dark blue tones of a winter night in the heart of the mountains. 

    Hotel Villa Honegg
  2. Like in the movies. If you’re looking for something bolder and original, jump into your favourite movie and become part of its plot, thanks to the fully immersive cinematographic experiences that the British Secret Cinema company offers. Let them take you to a secret location and turn you into the main character of the best movies ever made. Become an international spy like the secret agent 007, travel the Universe aboard the Millenium Falcon, sing in the Moulin Rouge musical or travel to the futuristic world of Blade Runner. A Christmas night full of possibilities. Which one will you choose?

    Secret cinema


  3. Diving in Ningaloo. If you want to forget about the cold Europe and you’re an enthusiast of the ocean life – like us – we recommend you travel to the city of Exmouth in Australia, where you can enjoy an amazing vacation diving around the Nigaloo reef. Don’t forget your waterproof camera and take pictures of the outstanding coral outcrops, swim along exotic fishes of all kinds, and admire the marine tortoises that will accompany you on your trip. At the end of the day, drink a traditional Australian Guava on the beach while you watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Make sure you don’t forget your Samburu swimshorts to make it all even more memorable.

    Diving in Ningaloo


  4. Thermal baths on Christmas. You don’t need to travel to the other side of the world to enjoy an alternative Christmas. If you want a combination of both, a hot and cold experience at the same time, a couple of exclusive outside thermal baths will be your best choice. If you’re from Spain –or you’re planning on visiting this country – the Chavasqueira hot springs in Ourense have three natural stone pools, resembling an authentic Japanese Zen temple. Take your family and your Azande shorts with you – its blue tones will perfectly match the colors of the mountain clear water – and enjoy an original Christmas vacation wearing a swimsuit in the middle of the snow!

    Hot Springs Chavasqueira


  5. Skiing, spinning restaurants and ice caves. What if what to do on Christmas didn’t necessarily need to be a choice? What if you could have it all? The exclusive Saas Fee ski resort in Switzerland is the best option for those adventurous souls who don’t want to give up on anything, or for those whose family members and friends enjoy different activities. If you’re an intrepid sportsman you can go skiing on the endless over 62 miles long ski slopes, you can go mountain walking on the specially organised 12 miles long routes, or enjoy a sledge ride with your kids. In the surroundings you may also find other kinds of activities, like ice climbing, zip lines or a trip to the biggest ice cave in the world. Finally, so that you don’t need to give up on the traditional Christmas dinner either, you can order a special menu at the Drehrestaurant Allalin, the highest spnning restaurant in the world.

    Saas Fee Ski Resort


  6. Trip to the Norvegian fjords. If you want to live a really cold experience and bond your soul to nature, we recommend you go to Bergen, the heart of the Norvegian fjords. Aboard the Bergen or the Flam Trains you will have the chance to enjoy some of the most breathtaking mountain landscapes in the world, while you drink a glass of hot chocolate or red wine. Afterwords, go on a cruise across Nærøyfjord, one of the most spectacular fjords in Europe, considered a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. End up your day with a nice dinner with your friends and family at one of the wooden traditional Norvegian restaurants in the villages of Aurland or Undredal. 

    Norvegian fjords Bergen


  7. A romantic Thai-Spanish trip. If you want an express two-days-holiday, and you can’t waste time on a long flight, you may enjoy a relaxing and exotic experience in Spain. The exclusive Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, in Alicante, will carry you away to the authentic Thailand, without having to travel to the actual Asia. Its tropical gardens composed of over 3000 original Asian species, its 7 luxurious pools, its 9 gourrmet restaurants and its exclusive Thai Spa are famous all over the world, and are the best choice to help you recover your vital energy before starting a whole new year. And so that you can be up for the occasion, take with you our Zulu shorts and make sure you stay stylish throughout the whole experience. 

    Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa


  8. Christmas in an igloo. Travel with your kids to Rovaniemi, Santa Claus’ town in Lapland, Finland, and offer them an original Christmas dinner at Snowland, a restaurant made mostly of ice and snow! Take into account that there will be no chimneys nearby, so make sure you pack some extra woollen coats aswell! Oh, and by the way, if you’re lucky enough, you might even get to see one of the most amazing natural phenomenons in the world: the Northern Lights!

    Snowland Ice Restaurant


  9. Christmas Carnival. If you haven’t decided quite yet what to do on Christmas, or you’re one of those people who are not really into the whole Christmassy thing, you can also turn this celebration into an authentic Carnival at Nassau, Las Bahamas. On the 26th of December and on New Year, they celebrate the Junkanoo, the oldest and most traditional costume and music parade in the Caribbean! A whole new explosion of colors that burst into the streets and surrounds everything with a festive atmosphere. Don’t forget our Lokori and you will blend in with the locals for sure!

    Junkanoo Las Bahamas


  10. New Year at Chingay. Finally, if you’re one of those folks who would rather celebrate New Year’s Eve than Christmas itself, your best choice will be the Asian continent. Travel to Singapore and live the Chingay, the biggest parade in the world organised for the Chinese New Year (February 15th and 16th). This festivity is well known for its carriages, dragons representations, flotting lanterns over the rivers and outstanding fireworks. It’s certainly the perfect occasion to understand and enjoy the real meaning of life. ¡Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

    Chingay Parade Singapore


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