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Do you want to know which are the top 5 best seller male swimshorts of this summer? At Benibeca we listen carefully to our community’s stylistic issues and suggestions, and since this season we offer a wide catalogue of over 90 models created by the Spanish designer Anjara García, we are aware that sometimes it may be difficult to make the right decision. Hence why we want to make it easy for those modern and cosmopolitan men who in spite of their frantic pace of life, want to take care of their appearance and be trendy. Are you one of them? To make your decision easier, here we present to you the top 5 Benibeca swimshorts that have made our clients fall in love this Summer!

Top 5 best seller male swimshorts of this Summer


Lokori is one of Benibeca’s most emblematic models. Why? Last season it sold out so quickly that the designer, in response to the petitions of our clients, decided to include it in the catalogue of this new season as well. And she made the right decision. The contrast of its shades enhances the tanned skin beautifully, which has turned it into a best seller once again. Lokori has conquered our clients’ and influencers’ hearts, and not only that, but it has also become the official uniform of the captains of the luxury yachts at The Ocean Week – a company that offers exclusive sailing experiences in the Portuguese Algarve, which Benibeca has been working with this Summer.

Benibeca top 5 best seller male swimshorts of this summer with The Ocean Week


Another one of the top 5 best seller male swimshorts this Summer has been the Chumba model, with its original print inspired by the petals of different autochthonous flowers from the Mediterranean landscapes. It’s become a must for the renown Spanish influencer Marcos Soler (@marcossoler), who enjoys our swimwear each year during his holidays in the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. Last year he fell in love with our Lokori trunks, and now he’s fallen for the Chumba model.

Marcos Soler in the Benibeca best seller male swimshorts

Marcos Soler in the Benibeca best seller male swimshorts

Even Ludving Hirsch (@theitaliancode), the marketing director at the prestigious Plaza Uomo italian magazine, has chosen this print for his relaxing vacations in Spain! 

Ludvig Hirsch in the Benibeca best seller male swimshorts


Plain solid colors never fail when it comes to male swimwear. Prints and complex designs are not everyone’s cup of tea, and normally, one color garments are much easier to combine. Moreover, even though all the fabrics we use at Benibeca are of the highest quality and very soft, the ones that the plain shorts are made of are even softer and have a different peachy feel. It’s a matter of personal taste, and a huge part of our community adores this type of trunks precisely because of their extra softness.

Artur Dainese in the Benibeca best seller male swimshorts

Soul, Abinibi, Awopupa, Omikoo… are some of our best seller swimshorts, and each season we listen to our loyal customers and add new shades to the collection. Actually, influencer Artur Dainese (@arturdainese) loves these trunks so much that he’s got all the models in his wardrobe. One color for each day of the week!


When we speak about the top 5 best seller male swimshorts of this Summer, we can’t forget about the Chenche model. Our Ready to Swim & Wear collection is the perfect option for those men who remain loyal to elegance even when they go for a walk on the beach or for a jump into the pool. All the models from this collection – including, of course, the Chenche one – have a hidden zipper and small silver buttons instead of a lace, which may make them seem refined shorts for special occasions. Nevertheless, despite this appearance, on the inside they have all the protections and net linings expected on a high-quality swimsuit. This print, inspired by primitive African tapestries, denotes fineness and style. Our dear Benjamin Thorpe (@benjithorpe) chose this model for his dream vacations in Thailand. Do you like them?

Benjamin Thorpe in the Benibeca top seller male swimshorts


And finally, Ananas has been the ultimate best seller male swimshort this Summer! Our customers and influencers are fascinated by its daring and colorful flower print and its white and reddish shades enhance the naturally tanned skin to perfection. Are you wondering how to combine it?

Spanish influencer Federico Rodríguez (@federico_r_) enjoyed our swimsuit during his vacations in Marbella, and he created a casual style that irradiates beach-vibes by combining our Ananas model with a linen plain white shirt and a traditional straw hat.

Famous blogger Augusto Pro (@augustopro) has worn a similar combination, only that he replaced the plain shirt with another one with thin vertical lines. He dared to combine two completely different prints, and he succeeded in setting trend.

And our dear Alejandro Lobo (@alejandrolobo_) made the most out of our swimsuit by wearing it with nothing but some dark sunglasses and a couple of surfer necklaces. A good tan is more than enough to make the vibrant colors of our Ananas model stand out on their own.

Influencers in the Benibeca top seller male swimshorts

Who do you think wore the best seller swimshort of this summer better?

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