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The swimwear influencers love. They follow the trends and trends follow them. They are the fashion gurus. The guides of style, elegance and modernism. The personal assessors to large communities established around their charismatic and endearing personalities. We love them, and they love Benibeca.

These are some of the influencers that choose Benibeca when hot summer…or cold winter… comes. Find out who they are!

MARCOS SOLER (@marcossoler)

The Instagram account of this young Valencian, that at the moment counts over 60K followers, is a colorful harmony of fashion, style, traveling and above all, good taste. And among all his looks, you can see our Lokori model, whose white, reddish and turquoise shades combine perfectly with the chromatic palette of his whole account. If you’re lucky and in summer you get just as tanned as Marcos, then you will rock this model!

Influencer Marcos Soler wearing Benibeca male swimwear

Influencer Marcos Soler wearing Benibeca swimwear

MANUEL ORDOVAS (@mordovas)

He is one of the most influential Spanish fashion bloggers and photographers. He’s got over 45K followers on Instagram, he collaborates with magazines as renown as the famous GQ, and he attends the most important international Fashion Weeks. His profile is a reflection of his multi-faced style, his motivating and charismatic nature, his professionality, and his passion for lifestyle, sport and healthy living. And of course, his love for high quality and exotic patterned swimwear, perfect for an ocean-vibe getaway from time to time. Our Bambara model fits him really well, doesn’t it?

Influencer Mordovas wearing Benibeca male swimwear

Influencer Manuel Ordovas wearing Benibeca male swimwear

ARTUR DAINESE (@arturdainese)

When we talk about the swimwear influencers love, we need to mention Artur Dainese, a real estate agent and professional model from Ukraine, who lives in Milan and delights over 40K followers with his hot daring looks. He puts a lot of effort and dedication to his appearance, style and photographs and his profile reflects an adventurous ocean vibe. Artur adores short-length swimwear that allows him to show off tanned legs in summer, and that’s why he loves our shortest trunks collection. Our Soul model, made of a soft pinkish shade, creates a really nice contrast against his skin, right?

Influencer Artur Dainese wearing Benibeca male swimwear

Influencer Artur Dainese wearing Benibeca swimwear

JUAN JESÚS REYES (@jjsreyes)

Juan Jesús Reyes is a model, DJ and fashion blogger – with over 42K followers – that we share a deeper connection with: apart from our love for trends and garments, he is from Seville, just like us! Besides showing an utter appreciation for one of the most beautiful and aesthetically inspiring cities in the world, he also adores cosmopolitan, informal and modern looks. And for beach or relax-on-a-terrace days, the swimwear this influencer loves is our Lokori model. Its light tones contrast on their own on his always tanned skin, but if you add a white T-shirt to the look, the final result is just fantastic!

Influencer Jesús Reyes wearing Benibeca male swimwear

Influencer Jesús Reyes wearing Benibeca swimwear

NACHO YANES (@nachoyanes88)

This young business consultant has managed to create an over 56K followers community on Instagram, composed by people completely engaged with his content and looking forward to seeing his daily posts. Nacho generally opts for more sophisticated, formal and elegant looks, with a casual touch. Stylish combinations with little accessories that reflect his personality. That’s why when it comes to choosing his swimwear, this influencer has selected one of our most refined models, with buttons and a zipper, from our Ready to Swim & Wear collection. Doesn’t he look handsome in our Zulu model?

Influencer Nacho Yanes wearing Benibeca men swimwear


Sophistication, elegance and luxury. These are the characteristics that his 15K followers account features. He plays with the contrast between modern urban looks and beachy styles, while he sails the world in a yacht or visits dreamlike beaches. From Ibiza to the Maldives, this influencer pleases his audience with spectacular images and his best swimwear combinations. Our Amhara model fits him really well!

Influencer Pagoa wearing Benibeca men swimwear

ALEKSI LEPPINEN (@aleksileppinen)

But swimwear is not just for summer, and surely, not just for going to the beach. Aleksi knows it better than anyone. This young Finnish influencer, who’s got around 20K followers, shows off an adventurous spirit and his willingness to constantly challenge himself and the world. Taking a bath in almost frozen water? Why not? Jumping into the pool with a white snow and glacier background? Of course! And when it comes to the swimwear this influencer loves, Benibeca is always there, accompanying him on his life trips. A destination he adores is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, the best healing spa in the world. And of course, to be up to the occasion, his ideal companion was our Azande model!

Influencer Aleksi Leppinen wearing Benibeca male swimwear

Aleksi Leppinen wearing Benibeca male swimwear

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