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How to combine your swimwear. It may be a question many of you face in the modern scenario where swimming shorts are not just for jumping into the pool or swimming in the ocean anymore. The rules of the game have changed, and therefore, our conception too. Don’t use your Benibeca shorts only when you’re going on a beach trip. Be daring, keep up with trends, and create an unconventional street style look!

Our “Ready to swim & wear” collection was specifically created for this purpose. The elegant design of these shorts, provided with a zip fastener, turns them into your perfect ally for hot summery days, anywhere you go.  How to combine your swimwear had never been so easy. Depending on the complements and accessories you choose, you’ll get a more casual or formal look.


Nautical elegance

If you’re having dinner with your partner, your coworkers or your friends, and you’re going to your favorite restaurant and you want a sophisticated look that is not too much, combine one of our plain classic models, like Navy, with a traditional white shirt. Give it an ocean-like elegant vibe by adding a pair of nautical shoes, like these suede blue ones by Sebago, available at El Corte Inglés. And if afterwards you feel like going for a seashore walk, and you get eager to jump into the water… no problem, remember you’re wearing your swim shorts!

How to combine your swimwear - Benibeca Navy


Casual white

If you like white but you don’t want to look that serious, try a more informal T-shirt, and combine it with one of our exotic prints, like Jandinga, Makula or Orowana. You’ll look stylish and casual at the same time.

How to combine your swimwear - Benibeca Jandinga and Orowana

How to combine your swimwear - Benibeca Makula


Contrasting colors

 If you’re thinking about how to combine your swimwear in a more daring way, try mixing up contrasting or complementary colors. Black and white are not the only shades that fit everything. Put on a purple or wine-colored T-shirt and one of our blueish or greenish shorts, like the Bulu or Timbi models. If the combination is just too much for you, then ease it up using a light pale pink instead of purple.

How to combine your swimwear - Benibeca Timbi and Bulu

How to combine your swimwear - Benibeca Bulu


Unconventional black

Black is obviously everyone’s best ally when it comes to being fashionable, no matter what kind of vibe you’re going for. If you want something different, try combining our shorts with a long-sleeve black plain T-shirt, perfect for cool Summer nights close to the ocean. You can get a really unconventional and comfortable look. If you don’t know which model to choose, try one that combines a dark and a light color, which will contrast perfectly with the black shade of the T-shirt. Our Chenche model would be perfect for the occasion.

How to combine your swimwear - Benibeca Chenche


Red vibes

When you want to know how to combine your swimear, think of red as your best friend or your secret wildcard. It’s such a universal color pretty much everyone loves it. You can combine a red shirt with one of our plain shorts, preferably in a contrasting shade, like yellow or mustard color. Oorun would fit your combination perfectly. Otherwise, we advise you to choose a pair of printed shorts with a design that includes little touches of red, like Pombo or Chilumba. What you can never do is wear red shorts with a red shirt. Your outfit would look way too heavy and none of the pieces would actually stand out.

How to combine your swimwear - Benibeca Oorun and Pombo

How to combine your swimwear - Benibeca Chilumba 


Other styles

Oh, and of course, the fact that we have a specific collection of shorts “ready to swim & wear”, doesn’t mean you can’t create yourself a stunning street-style look with any of our other shorts as well! They’re just as easy to combine and the color and contrast rules work exactly the same way. You’ll just probably get a more casual vibe, especially if you accompany them with some summery colorful espadrilles.

How to combine your swimwear - Benibeca shortest trunks

What about you? How will you combine your swimwear?

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