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This season we want to show you how to combine your Benibeca swimshorts at El Corte Inglés. Many of our best seller models are now available at the most renown shopping center in Spain. You can find them on their website or at their stores in Madrid, Marbella and Lisbon (Portugal). So that you can follow the latest trends while you enjoy a San Francisco cocktail on a Caribbean beach, or while you relax on a luxurious spa in the Maldives, we want to make it easy for you. Here you have five trendy combinations with our swimwear that will make you stand out from the crowd. And the best of all is all complements are available at the same place: El Corte Inglés.


LOOK 1: Benibeca, Mephisto and Balenciaga.

This is one of the safest and most successful ways to combine your Benibeca swimshorts at El Corte Inglés. If you’re a man who likes to stand out precisely because of his discretion and a classic and traditional style, you will love this outfit. It is not too daring, since it’s based on earth and light khaki shades, and our Pikipiki print will give you a boho vibe that will make you set a trend wherever you go. Combine them with some leather brown sandals by Mephisto and a pair of sophisticated Balenciaga unisex sunglasses.  

How to combine your Benibeca swimshorts at El Corte Ingles - Pikipiki


LOOK 2: Benibeca, Avarques and Mr. Boho

If you wish to achieve a melancholic but updated retro vibe, our Machi model will match your style perfectly. Besides, its turquoise shades will highlight your body shape and will make you stand out wherever you are. So that you can survive the tropical warmth of that island paradise you adore, combine them with this pair of brown male sandals by Avarques, and these original and (subtle) leopard printed sunglasses by Mr. Boho.

How to combine your swimwear at El Corte Ingles - Machi


LOOK 3: Benibeca, Givenchy and Camper

If you are a modern cosmopolitan man, when it comes to combining your Benibeca swimshorts at El Corte Inglés, black will always remain a hit, especially if you combine them with these contrasting and daring yellow sunglasses by Givenchy. And if you’re not a huge fan of yellow, you can always try red, pink or orange shades instead. Black swimshorts don't need to be neutral or dull if you mix them up with the adequate funny accessories. And in order for you to enjoy your adventures freely, always choose comfy shoes, like these black leather sandals by Camper.

How to combine your Benibeca swimshorts at El Corte Inglés - Nyeusi


LOOK 4: Benibeca, Converse and El Naturalista

If the nautical vibe is your cup of tea, and you always use anchors and lighthouses for complements, this outfit has been especially made for you. Red, white and navy blue have always been the traditional colors associated to the sailing lifestyle. Also, if you care about ecology and the environment, you’ll love these El Naturalista sandals, since they’re made with recycled fabrics from boat veils. Combine them with our Simba swimshorts and these matching sunglasses by Converse, and you’ll look like the authentic captain of a luxury yacht. Or, who knows… maybe you are!

How to combine your Benibeca swimshorts at El Corte Inglés - Simba


LOOK 5: Benibeca and Martinelli

If you’re looking for a bohemian or hippie vibe when you combine your Benibeca swimshorts at El Corte Inglés, you should consider this outfit. The print of our Chuichui model, inspired by exotic African cultures, gives it an authentic ethnic touch that matches perfectly with this pair of brown leather sandals by Martinelli.

How to combine your Benibeca swimshorts at El Corte Inglés - Chuichui


And what about you? How do you like to combine our swimshorts?

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