Benibeca men swim shorts in over 70 stores around the world!

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Benibeca men swim shorts are now available in over 70 exclusive stores around the world! Benibeca is an innovative, modern, original and cosmopolitan brand, which has made it grow exponentially in just two seasons! Its exotic, adventurous and unconventional designs have turned it into a best seller among the most fashionable companies of the men swimwear field.

A faithful reflection of its international relevance is that nowadays our men swim shorts can be found not only in Spanish stores, but also in France, Monaco, Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Portugal, the United States, Puerto Rico, South Korea and Japan. And of course, no matter what country you come from, our online store is available worldwide.

Benibeca's international store list

Needless to say, not only are our products present in all these countries, but they are also displayed in well known and high quality stores, where they share a spot with the most exclusive brands of the fashion industry.

We are pleased to announce that in Spain, it has been recently added to the catalogue of “EL CORTE INGLÉS” - in its establishments in Madrid (Paseo de la Castellana, 79) and in Marbella (Ramón Areces Street, Banús Port). As many of you probably already know, “El Corte Inglés” is one of the biggest Spanish commercial groups, whose name is synonymous with prestige, trust and exclusivity. Benibeca’s hard work and its continuos effort to create only high quality men swim shorts, using the best fabrics and designing unique and creative prints, has allowed it a prestigious spot within its catalogue.

Men Swim Shorts Benibeca - Kenyi and Safari

Another establishment we feel especially proud of is “NINO ÁLVAREZ” (Muntaner Street, 339, Barcelona), a renown high-end store that only displays the best international men fashion brands. Once again, due to its dedication and perseverance, Benibeca has earned its spot amongst them.

At a national level, our firm is available in many acclaimed stores (Body&Soul, Lander Urquijo, Marfranc, etc.) through the entire Spanish territory. It can be found in Malaga, Barcelona, Madrid, Valladolid, San Sebastian, Bilbao or Cádiz.


Benibeca is a lifestyle, a philosophy, an adventure, and it’s spreading its wings around the entire world


But as we’ve said, our men swim shorts and our adventurous spirit don’t shine only in Spain, but they are present in almost all continents, starting with Europe. In the French capital, for example, Benibeca can be found at “Printemps París”, one of the biggest commerces in France, as well as in all “Blue Box” stores in the country.

We don’t want our readers to get bored, so if you’re interested, here you have the entire BENIBECA STORE LIST. As a simple summary, you can find us in Monaco, Frankfurt (Germany), Liége (Belgium), Lisbon (Portugal), The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven (Netherlands), and in many Italian (Naples, Palermo, Benevento, etc.) and Greek territories (Mykonos, Kifissia, Athens, Santorini, Chios, Crete…).

But we wanted to share our experience and lifestyle to the rest of the world as well, so if you’re from the United States, you can find us in Beverly Hills, New York, Venice, Austin, Dallas, Houston or at the Soho House Hotel in Miami!

In America, we are present in Puerto Rico too. Last but not least, you can find us in different stores in Palpadong and Seoul (South Korea) or in Tokyo (Japan).

But mostly, we are wherever you are. Our men swim shorts travel to the places our clients, our trip companions, go to. They turn us into part of their own stories, adventures and experiences, of their own style. We share our spirit, and they share their own. What about you? Do you dare to start your next trip with Benibeca?

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