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The Ocean Week: Yacht holidays in the Algarve! Live the best week of your life with your friends, sailing the Portuguese coast on your own private yacht and enjoying beach parties, night clubs on the Atlantic shore, yacht races, Buggy rides, and many other surprise activities with the ocean for background!

Oceanweek yachts in the Algarve

And we are excited to announce that this Summer, Benibeca will collaborate with The Ocean Week to make the best days of your life even more unforgettable and so that you can show off your style at all times! Are you in? Do you want to know how it works? Not even that friend of yours who can’t ever decide on a plan will be able to say no to this!

The Ocean Week offers different kinds of monohull and catamaran yachts, which can accommodate between 6 and 12 people. You can book a whole yacht (or more) for a big group of friends, or just one cabin for a couple! You will be sharing your unrepeatable trip with other adventurers just like you, looking forward to sailing the ocean and discovering the mysteries of the Algarve! 

Oceanweek yachts in the Algarve 2

Oh, and by the way! Don’t worry if you don’t know how to sail. You don’t have to! You will have a private skipper at your own disposal at all times, so that all you need to do is relax, enjoy and have fun! All the captains are expert locals who will help you discover the hidden beauty of the Portuguese coasts and the delights of their culture.

You’ll also be able to choose between slow or hard pace, depending on the distance you want to travel and the type of vacation you are looking for. Slow pace trips will take place during July, and the hard pace ones, on August. No matter what you opt for, you will fall in love with the natural landscapes of the Algarve and its turquoise crystal-clear water.

Oceanweek luxury holidays in the Algarve

During the day, you’ll be able to swim in the Atlantic Ocean, celebrate endless parties on the deck of your own yacht, discover hidden beaches and caves, away from the chaos of the touristic main areas, go for SUP sessions, celebrate regattas, go snorkeling to discover the beauty that the bottom of the ocean hides, visit the most emblematic ports in the area, go for buggy rides, and many other unforgettable activities that will surprise you! A little mystery will make it even more epic!

And during the nights… free your soul, dance along MTV authentic dancers and DJs, enjoy pool parties at the famous NoSoloAgua night club in Portimäo until dawn, have dinner and sing along beach bonfires, or enjoy the glamour of the renown White Nights of Vilamoura! And the best thing of all is… you won’t have to choose! You’ll have a whole week to do it all!    

So…What about you? Are you ready to live the best yacht holidays in the Algarve? ¡The most adventurous trip of your life is waiting for you! Jump in!  

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The swimwear influencers love. They follow the trends and trends follow them. They are the fashion gurus. The guides of style, elegance and modernism. The personal assessors to large communities established around their charismatic and endearing personalities. We love them, and they love Benibeca.

These are some of the influencers that choose Benibeca when hot summer…or cold winter… comes. Find out who they are!

MARCOS SOLER (@marcossoler)

The Instagram account of this young Valencian, that at the moment counts over 60K followers, is a colorful harmony of fashion, style, traveling and above all, good taste. And among all his looks, you can see our Lokori model, whose white, reddish and turquoise shades combine perfectly with the chromatic palette of his whole account. If you’re lucky and in summer you get just as tanned as Marcos, then you will rock this model!

The swimwear influencers love - Marcos Soler

The Swimwear influencers love - Marcos Soler on the beach

MANUEL ORDOVAS (@mordovas)

He is one of the most influential Spanish fashion bloggers and photographers. He’s got over 45K followers on Instagram, he collaborates with magazines as renown as the famous GQ, and he attends the most important international Fashion Weeks. His profile is a reflection of his multi-faced style, his motivating and charismatic nature, his professionality, and his passion for lifestyle, sport and healthy living. And of course, his love for high quality and exotic patterned swimwear, perfect for an ocean-vibe getaway from time to time. Our Bambara model fits him really well, doesn’t it?

The swimwear influencers love - Manuel Ordovas

The swimwear influencers love - Manuel Ordovas wearing Benibeca

ARTUR DAINESE (@arturdainese)

When we talk about the swimwear influencers love, we need to mention Artur Dainese, a real estate agent and professional model from Ukraine, who lives in Milan and delights over 40K followers with his hot daring looks. He puts a lot of effort and dedication to his appearance, style and photographs and his profile reflects an adventurous ocean vibe. Artur adores short-length swimwear that allows him to show off tanned legs in summer, and that’s why he loves our shortest trunks collection. Our Soul model, made of a soft pinkish shade, creates a really nice contrast against his skin, right?

The swimwear influencers love - Artur Dainese

The swimwear influencers love - Artur Dainese on the beach

JUAN JESÚS REYES (@jjsreyes)

Juan Jesús Reyes is a model, DJ and fashion blogger – with over 42K followers – that we share a deeper connection with: apart from our love for trends and garments, he is from Seville, just like us! Besides showing an utter appreciation for one of the most beautiful and aesthetically inspiring cities in the world, he also adores cosmopolitan, informal and modern looks. And for beach or relax-on-a-terrace days, the swimwear this influencer loves is our Lokori model. Its light tones contrast on their own on his always tanned skin, but if you add a white T-shirt to the look, the final result is just fantastic!

The swimwear influencers love - Jesus Reyes

The swimwear influencers love - Jesus Reyes wearing Benibeca

NACHO YANES (@nachoyanes88)

This young business consultant has managed to create an over 56K followers community on Instagram, composed by people completely engaged with his content and looking forward to seeing his daily posts. Nacho generally opts for more sophisticated, formal and elegant looks, with a casual touch. Stylish combinations with little accessories that reflect his personality. That’s why when it comes to choosing his swimwear, this influencer has selected one of our most refined models, with buttons and a zipper, from our Ready to Swim & Wear collection. Doesn’t he look handsome in our Zulu model?

The swimwear influencers love - Nacho Yanes


Sophistication, elegance and luxury. These are the characteristics that his 15K followers account features. He plays with the contrast between modern urban looks and beachy styles, while he sails the world in a yacht or visits dreamlike beaches. From Ibiza to the Maldives, this influencer pleases his audience with spectacular images and his best swimwear combinations. Our Amhara model fits him really well!

The swimwear influencers love - Pagoa Larena

ALEKSI LEPPINEN (@aleksileppinen)

But swimwear is not just for summer, and surely, not just for going to the beach. Aleksi knows it better than anyone. This young Finnish influencer, who’s got around 20K followers, shows off an adventurous spirit and his willingness to constantly challenge himself and the world. Taking a bath in almost frozen water? Why not? Jumping into the pool with a white snow and glacier background? Of course! And when it comes to the swimwear this influencer loves, Benibeca is always there, accompanying him on his life trips. A destination he adores is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, the best healing spa in the world. And of course, to be up to the occasion, his ideal companion was our Azande model!

The swimwear influencers love - Aleksi Leppinen

The swimwear influencers love - Aleksi Leppinen wearing Benibeca

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How to combine your swimwear. It may be a question many of you face in the modern scenario where swimming shorts are not just for jumping into the pool or swimming in the ocean anymore. The rules of the game have changed, and therefore, our conception too. Don’t use your Benibeca shorts only when you’re going on a beach trip. Be daring, keep up with trends, and create an unconventional street style look!

Our “Ready to swim & wear” collection was specifically created for this purpose. The elegant design of these shorts, provided with a zip fastener, turns them into your perfect ally for hot summery days, anywhere you go.  How to combine your swimwear had never been so easy. Depending on the complements and accessories you choose, you’ll get a more casual or formal look.


Nautical elegance

If you’re having dinner with your partner, your coworkers or your friends, and you’re going to your favorite restaurant and you want a sophisticated look that is not too much, combine one of our plain classic models, like Navy, with a traditional white shirt. Give it an ocean-like elegant vibe by adding a pair of nautical shoes, like these suede blue ones by Sebago, available at El Corte Inglés. And if afterwards you feel like going for a seashore walk, and you get eager to jump into the water… no problem, remember you’re wearing your swim shorts!

 How to combine your swimwear in a nautical style


Casual white

If you like white but you don’t want to look that serious, try a more informal T-shirt, and combine it with one of our exotic prints, like Jandinga, Makula or Orowana. You’ll look stylish and casual at the same time.

How to combine your swimwear white casual style

How to combine your swimwear Makula


Contrasting colors

 If you’re thinking about how to combine your swimwear in a more daring way, try mixing up contrasting or complementary colors. Black and white are not the only shades that fit everything. Put on a purple or wine-colored T-shirt and one of our blueish or greenish shorts, like the Bulu or Timbi models. If the combination is just too much for you, then ease it up using a light pale pink instead of purple.

How to combine your swimwear in contrasting colors

How to combine your Bulu swimwear


Unconventional black

Black is obviously everyone’s best ally when it comes to being fashionable, no matter what kind of vibe you’re going for. If you want something different, try combining our shorts with a long-sleeve black plain T-shirt, perfect for cool Summer nights close to the ocean. You can get a really unconventional and comfortable look. If you don’t know which model to choose, try one that combines a dark and a light color, which will contrast perfectly with the black shade of the T-shirt. Our Chenche model would be perfect for the occasion.

How to combine your swimwear black style


Red vibes

When you want to know how to combine your swimear, think of red as your best friend or your secret wildcard. It’s such a universal color pretty much everyone loves it. You can combine a red shirt with one of our plain shorts, preferably in a contrasting shade, like yellow or mustard color. Oorun would fit your combination perfectly. Otherwise, we advise you to choose a pair of printed shorts with a design that includes little touches of red, like Pombo or Chilumba. What you can never do is wear red shorts with a red shirt. Your outfit would look way too heavy and none of the pieces would actually stand out.

How to combine your swimwear with red vibes

 How to combine your swimwear in red vibes 2 


Other styles

Oh, and of course, the fact that we have a specific collection of shorts “ready to swim & wear”, doesn’t mean you can’t create yourself a stunning street-style look with any of our other shorts as well! They’re just as easy to combine and the color and contrast rules work exactly the same way. You’ll just probably get a more casual vibe, especially if you accompany them with some summery colorful espadrilles.

 How to combine your shortest trunks

What about you? How will you combine your swimwear?

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Benibeca men swim shorts in over 70 stores around the world!

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Benibeca men swim shorts are now available in over 70 exclusive stores around the world! Benibeca is an innovative, modern, original and cosmopolitan brand, which has made it grow exponentially in just two seasons! Its exotic, adventurous and unconventional designs have turned it into a best seller among the most fashionable companies of the men swimwear field.

A faithful reflection of its international relevance is that nowadays our men swim shorts can be found not only in Spanish stores, but also in France, Monaco, Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Portugal, the United States, Puerto Rico, South Korea and Japan. And of course, no matter what country you come from, our online store is available worldwide.

Benibeca's international store list

Needless to say, not only are our products present in all these countries, but they are also displayed in well known and high quality stores, where they share a spot with the most exclusive brands of the fashion industry.

We are pleased to announce that in Spain, it has been recently added to the catalogue of “EL CORTE INGLÉS” - in its establishments in Madrid (Paseo de la Castellana, 79) and in Marbella (Ramón Areces Street, Banús Port). As many of you probably already know, “El Corte Inglés” is one of the biggest Spanish commercial groups, whose name is synonymous with prestige, trust and exclusivity. Benibeca’s hard work and its continuos effort to create only high quality men swim shorts, using the best fabrics and designing unique and creative prints, has allowed it a prestigious spot within its catalogue.

Men Swim Shorts Benibeca - Kenyi and Safari

Another establishment we feel especially proud of is “NINO ÁLVAREZ” (Muntaner Street, 339, Barcelona), a renown high-end store that only displays the best international men fashion brands. Once again, due to its dedication and perseverance, Benibeca has earned its spot amongst them.

At a national level, our firm is available in many acclaimed stores (Body&Soul, Lander Urquijo, Marfranc, etc.) through the entire Spanish territory. It can be found in Malaga, Barcelona, Madrid, Valladolid, San Sebastian, Bilbao or Cádiz.


Benibeca is a lifestyle, a philosophy, an adventure, and it’s spreading its wings around the entire world


But as we’ve said, our men swim shorts and our adventurous spirit don’t shine only in Spain, but they are present in almost all continents, starting with Europe. In the French capital, for example, Benibeca can be found at “Printemps París”, one of the biggest commerces in France, as well as in all “Blue Box” stores in the country.

We don’t want our readers to get bored, so if you’re interested, here you have the entire BENIBECA STORE LIST. As a simple summary, you can find us in Monaco, Frankfurt (Germany), Liége (Belgium), Lisbon (Portugal), The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven (Netherlands), and in many Italian (Naples, Palermo, Benevento, etc.) and Greek territories (Mykonos, Kifissia, Athens, Santorini, Chios, Crete…).

But we wanted to share our experience and lifestyle to the rest of the world as well, so if you’re from the United States, you can find us in Beverly Hills, New York, Venice, Austin, Dallas, Houston or at the Soho House Hotel in Miami!

In America, we are present in Puerto Rico too. Last but not least, you can find us in different stores in Palpadong and Seoul (South Korea) or in Tokyo (Japan).

But mostly, we are wherever you are. Our men swim shorts travel to the places our clients, our trip companions, go to. They turn us into part of their own stories, adventures and experiences, of their own style. We share our spirit, and they share their own. What about you? Do you dare to start your next trip with Benibeca?

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What to do on Christmas. Best 10 alternative plans.

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What to do on Christmas. That’s the main question many adventurous enthusiasts of alternative plans face every year when this special date comes around. For most traditional people Christmas is closely related to oven roasted turkeys, fruit cakes, panettones, and candy canes. Carols, neatly decorated Christmas trees and colourful sparkling lights. Family gatherings, close-to-the-chimney dinners, snowmen, woollen coats and lots of presents. But what about those bold hearted cosmopolitan men who what to run away from tradition and go on an alternative vacation? Everything is possible.

For those of you matching this description, here you have 10 amazing alternative plans you can enjoy with your family, friends or partner, so that you can have the holidays of your dreams. What to do on Christmas won’t be a problem ever again.

  1. Winter pool with outstanding sights. Who says you can’t jump right into a luxurious private pool in winter, while you admire the Swiss highlands right in front of you? The Villa Honegg Hotel, in Ennetbürgen (Switzerland) stands right on the Bürgenstock mountain, and all its suits have a private air conditioned pool on their balcony. Ask for a bottle of champgne, take with you your favourite fruit cake, and enjoy them with your partner while you swim together underneath the snow flakes. Just in case you want an outfit fitting the occasion, our Dogon model would perfectly match the dark blue tones of a winter night in the heart of the mountains. 

    Hotel Villa Honegg
  2. Like in the movies. If you’re looking for something bolder and original, jump into your favourite movie and become part of its plot, thanks to the fully immersive cinematographic experiences that the British Secret Cinema company offers. Let them take you to a secret location and turn you into the main character of the best movies ever made. Become an international spy like the secret agent 007, travel the Universe aboard the Millenium Falcon, sing in the Moulin Rouge musical or travel to the futuristic world of Blade Runner. A Christmas night full of possibilities. Which one will you choose?

    Secret cinema


  3. Diving in Ningaloo. If you want to forget about the cold Europe and you’re an enthusiast of the ocean life – like us – we recommend you travel to the city of Exmouth in Australia, where you can enjoy an amazing vacation diving around the Nigaloo reef. Don’t forget your waterproof camera and take pictures of the outstanding coral outcrops, swim along exotic fishes of all kinds, and admire the marine tortoises that will accompany you on your trip. At the end of the day, drink a traditional Australian Guava on the beach while you watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Make sure you don’t forget your Samburu swimshorts to make it all even more memorable.

    Diving in Ningaloo


  4. Thermal baths on Christmas. You don’t need to travel to the other side of the world to enjoy an alternative Christmas. If you want a combination of both, a hot and cold experience at the same time, a couple of exclusive outside thermal baths will be your best choice. If you’re from Spain –or you’re planning on visiting this country – the Chavasqueira hot springs in Ourense have three natural stone pools, resembling an authentic Japanese Zen temple. Take your family and your Azande shorts with you – its blue tones will perfectly match the colors of the mountain clear water – and enjoy an original Christmas vacation wearing a swimsuit in the middle of the snow!

    Hot Springs Chavasqueira


  5. Skiing, spinning restaurants and ice caves. What if what to do on Christmas didn’t necessarily need to be a choice? What if you could have it all? The exclusive Saas Fee ski resort in Switzerland is the best option for those adventurous souls who don’t want to give up on anything, or for those whose family members and friends enjoy different activities. If you’re an intrepid sportsman you can go skiing on the endless over 62 miles long ski slopes, you can go mountain walking on the specially organised 12 miles long routes, or enjoy a sledge ride with your kids. In the surroundings you may also find other kinds of activities, like ice climbing, zip lines or a trip to the biggest ice cave in the world. Finally, so that you don’t need to give up on the traditional Christmas dinner either, you can order a special menu at the Drehrestaurant Allalin, the highest spnning restaurant in the world.

    Saas Fee Ski Resort


  6. Trip to the Norvegian fjords. If you want to live a really cold experience and bond your soul to nature, we recommend you go to Bergen, the heart of the Norvegian fjords. Aboard the Bergen or the Flam Trains you will have the chance to enjoy some of the most breathtaking mountain landscapes in the world, while you drink a glass of hot chocolate or red wine. Afterwords, go on a cruise across Nærøyfjord, one of the most spectacular fjords in Europe, considered a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. End up your day with a nice dinner with your friends and family at one of the wooden traditional Norvegian restaurants in the villages of Aurland or Undredal. 

    Norvegian fjords Bergen


  7. A romantic Thai-Spanish trip. If you want an express two-days-holiday, and you can’t waste time on a long flight, you may enjoy a relaxing and exotic experience in Spain. The exclusive Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, in Alicante, will carry you away to the authentic Thailand, without having to travel to the actual Asia. Its tropical gardens composed of over 3000 original Asian species, its 7 luxurious pools, its 9 gourrmet restaurants and its exclusive Thai Spa are famous all over the world, and are the best choice to help you recover your vital energy before starting a whole new year. And so that you can be up for the occasion, take with you our Zulu shorts and make sure you stay stylish throughout the whole experience. 

    Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa


  8. Christmas in an igloo. Travel with your kids to Rovaniemi, Santa Claus’ town in Lapland, Finland, and offer them an original Christmas dinner at Snowland, a restaurant made mostly of ice and snow! Take into account that there will be no chimneys nearby, so make sure you pack some extra woollen coats aswell! Oh, and by the way, if you’re lucky enough, you might even get to see one of the most amazing natural phenomenons in the world: the Northern Lights!

    Snowland Ice Restaurant


  9. Christmas Carnival. If you haven’t decided quite yet what to do on Christmas, or you’re one of those people who are not really into the whole Christmassy thing, you can also turn this celebration into an authentic Carnival at Nassau, Las Bahamas. On the 26th of December and on New Year, they celebrate the Junkanoo, the oldest and most traditional costume and music parade in the Caribbean! A whole new explosion of colors that burst into the streets and surrounds everything with a festive atmosphere. Don’t forget our Lokori and you will blend in with the locals for sure!

    Junkanoo Las Bahamas


  10. New Year at Chingay. Finally, if you’re one of those folks who would rather celebrate New Year’s Eve than Christmas itself, your best choice will be the Asian continent. Travel to Singapore and live the Chingay, the biggest parade in the world organised for the Chinese New Year (February 15th and 16th). This festivity is well known for its carriages, dragons representations, flotting lanterns over the rivers and outstanding fireworks. It’s certainly the perfect occasion to understand and enjoy the real meaning of life. ¡Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

    Chingay Parade Singapore


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